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Prehistoric Park Episode 1 review

10 years (and one day) ago, the first episode of Prehistoric Park aired. To commemorate this, I made this review.

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A Nanuqsaurus in winter observing its snowy kingdom from a mountain. As a 6-7 metre Tyrannosaur it is the dominant predator of the Prince Creek Formation. Yes, it has been a long time since I updated this blog but anyway, I’m … Continue reading

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Red nose day dinosaurs

This year red nose day released 3 red noses, each in the style of a dinosaur. Here is the low down of what they actually are: Triceytops is probably the most obvious of the three; she is a Triceratops prorsus. It … Continue reading

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Guess the fossil!!!

  Can you guess what each fossil is?   Answers coming later!

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Dinosaur Art!!!

On Friday I visited an “Afterhours” at the Natural history museum called “Dino Art” This was a fantastic opportunity to watch some of the greatest Paleoartists talk about their work. The Paleoartists present were Luis Rey,  Rob Nicholls, John Conway, Steve White and John … Continue reading

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Convergence (of terribly made prehistoric animals)

In Primeval this week we meet many prehistoric animals. For me this means I have a lot of nit picking to do. Yay! TYRANNOSAURUS REX Oh dear. Why did this thing have to rear its ugly head this episode. I … Continue reading

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While episode 4 of Primeval is about future beetles (so there is little for me to talk about), episode 3 included a Dromeosaur. Or was it? The model from an earlier episode had feathers, but this one they seemed to think: “Screw … Continue reading

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Magical Tim Haines Liopleurodons

Calling Liopleurodon magical may seem silly but in Walking With Dinosaurs and Primeval’s case, that description would be quite fitting. Liopleurodon was actually about 6-7 metres long, possibly 10, but probably no more than that. So the idea it could pluck … Continue reading

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Speculative evolution dinosaurs

What if dinosaurs had not become extinct? How would they evolve? What would happen to mammals? I have addressed this in the document below. Enjoy! New dinos hypothetical

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Dinosaurs of Britain

This is a video that I made for my English project, together with three friends. Note that I am NOT yet a paleontologist but aspire to be one.

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