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Prehistoric Park Episode 1 review

10 years (and one day) ago, the first episode of Prehistoric Park aired. To commemorate this, I made this review.

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The Cool dinosaur game is back

Soon after this website was founded I included a link to a “Cool dinosaur game”. This link was one of the main reasons for the increased traffic to the website and brought joy to many a school mate all those … Continue reading

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Combined evolution review

I have decided to start trawling through the App store to highlight games that are worthy of downloading, and where better to start than this charming little puzzle game. It is worth noting that is costs money to buy, but … Continue reading

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A Nanuqsaurus in winter observing its snowy kingdom from a mountain. As a 6-7 metre Tyrannosaur it is the dominant predator of the Prince Creek Formation. Yes, it has been a long time since I updated this blog but anyway, I’m … Continue reading

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Hatzegopteryx Model Review

I was recently asked to review this Hatzegopteryx model: Unfortunately, there is very little in the way of Hatzegopteryx fossils, so most reconstructions are based on its close relative Quetzalcoatlus. I use both skeletal reconstructions: and Paleoart (This one is by Mark Witton): A word … Continue reading

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Red nose day dinosaurs

This year red nose day released 3 red noses, each in the style of a dinosaur. Here is the low down of what they actually are: Triceytops is probably the most obvious of the three; she is a Triceratops prorsus. It … Continue reading

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Guess the fossil!!!

  Can you guess what each fossil is?   Answers coming later!

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Yutyrannus Puppet

Many years ago I found an old Pup-a-pet tyrannosaur with no strings in a charity shop. However, it was only two weeks ago when I found it again and inspiration struck me. I realised that I had to make the … Continue reading

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Dinosaur Art!!!

On Friday I visited an “Afterhours” at the Natural history museum called “Dino Art” This was a fantastic opportunity to watch some of the greatest Paleoartists talk about their work. The Paleoartists present were Luis Rey,  Rob Nicholls, John Conway, Steve White and John … Continue reading

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Convergence (of terribly made prehistoric animals)

In Primeval this week we meet many prehistoric animals. For me this means I have a lot of nit picking to do. Yay! TYRANNOSAURUS REX Oh dear. Why did this thing have to rear its ugly head this episode. I … Continue reading

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