Hatzegopteryx Model Review

I was recently asked to review this Hatzegopteryx model: http://www.flickr.com/photos/_quagga/8613016126/in/set-72157633143744671/

Unfortunately, there is very little in the way of Hatzegopteryx fossils, so most reconstructions are based on its close relative Quetzalcoatlus. I use both skeletal reconstructions: http://museumvictoria.com.au/pages/8758/mm-quetzalcoatlus-skeleton-biga.png and Paleoart (This one is by Mark Witton): http://metrouk2.files.wordpress.com/2010/11/article-1289843122891-0c1330a5000005dc-872280_636x618.jpg?w=636. A word of notice, ignore work by David Peters. His skeletals are reasonable but don’t let him put skin (and other silly appendages) on the bone!


  • It has a fur coating which pterosaurs certainly had.
  • It has a crest for display
  • It has fur-free wings
  • It is certainly life size


The only cons are small nit-picks which are that the crest looks to big, the head is bald and the feet are webbed. However, as we do not have fossils of Quetzalcoatlus/Hatzegopteryx skin or keratin, we don’t know how large the crest was or the extent of the fur covering.


An accurate well-made reconstruction, which is certainly up to the high standard Quagga Associates maintain (they made the Stuttgart NHM Plateosaurus)

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