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Platypterygius vs ?

120 million years ago an icthyosaur named Platypterygius fought with another marine reptile. It survived, but was scared on its snout. The question is, what made these wounds? Kronosaurus vs Platypterygius Kronosaurus was the top predator at that time. It’s … Continue reading

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The ballad of big Al

This is a ballad about big Al which I wrote on the bus. It was the late Jurassic, When big Al had his birth. He lived in Laurasia, The northern part of the earth. He was very tiny, When he was a chick. … Continue reading

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Liliensternus vs Plateosaurus

A large plateosaurus searches for food. As does a liliensternus. The liliensternus spots the plateosaurus but does not attack. It knows a pack is needed to bring down this beast.

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Edaphosaurus vs Dimetrodon vs Ophiacodon

As a female edaphosaurus drinks, a dimetrodon looks at her hungrily. He leaps out of his cover. But this edaphosaurus is ready for anything. She swings her tail and hits the dimetrodon in the face. He falls back and his tail dangles … Continue reading

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