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Edaphosaurus cruciger

This is Edaphosaurus cruciger. It had a smaller head than Edaphosaurus pogonias but it had taller spines. It probably had only one enemy (dimetrodon) who barely ever attacked it. Edaphosaurus cruciger probably used its sail as a bluffing mechanism, to scare away … Continue reading

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Edaphosaurus pogonias

            This is Edaphosaurus pogonias. It had bones and spines that were more chunky than those of its relative Edaphosaurus cruciger. It also had a longer head. It grew to 3.2 meters.

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Tawa hallae

This was an early dinosaur from the triassic. An early therapod, this dinosaur was about 2 meters long. A probable descendant of eoraptor, this animal gave rise to dinosaurs like T-rex and Gorgosaurus. It ate small lizards and possibly small dinosaurs.

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