Anchiornis and Sinosauropteryx, dinosaurs in true colour.

I know, it has been a famous saying in both books and films alike, “we don’t know what colours dinosaurs were.” Well now that would be lieing in two cases. True in that we don’t know what colour T-rex or Triceratops were (but if I find out I will let you know.)
The two dinosaurs I am talking about are not famous (true to’s main aim in life, trying to give fame to the un-famous.) Their names are Anchiornis and Sinosauropteryx.
Anchiornis was mainly black, with white on its wings, leg feathers and feathers around its tail/bottom area. It also had a large red crest on its head. Knowing how big it was (smaller than Micro-raptor, allegedly the smallest dinosaur) and weighing only 110 grams, it probably ate insects and other ugly bugs.
On the other hand, turkey sized Sinosauropteryx ate slightly larger things such as small mammals and lizards. Like Anchiornis, it lived in the late jurrassic era. It had a mohecan style crest on its head and a ring tail lemur style tail but this time orange and white.
If I find any more prehistoric animals which we know the colour of I will inform you. So stay tuned! 
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