Ceratopsian madness!

In dinosaur terms, the ceratopsians were fairly recent. Lately some new discoveries have changed the way we look at them forever. But first I must bust an annoying myth which is going round the net.

Triceratops does not exist!

 What on earth is this! Some are saying it is just a baby torosaurus. This is silly. Firstly,  like many ceratopsians, triceratops had small spikes on his frill. Unlike many ceratopsians, he had a solid frill. Torosaurus hade no spikes and holes in his frill. Also, triceratops was bigger than torosaurus. An unlikely baby! If it was a baby to one dino it would have to be eotriceratops.


Eotriceratops was really just like a huge triceratops. He was so huge the large therapod that lived with him (albertosaurus) was smaller than him! His head was so big that he could scoop up an albertosaurus and toss it away. He was 13 tonnes which is heavier than an average diplodocus. It was the ultimate power house of dinosaurs.


What is so special about this relative of badgeceratops? Simply because it lives in Europe. It is the missing link between Bagaceratops from Asia and montanoceratops from North America. Like all ceratopsians it walked on 4 legs (with the exception of yin long and psittacosaurus) and had a mixed diet of twigs, bushes and carion.Now here is some food for thought. When the first triceratops was found it was thought that it was a bison. Then we found out it was a dinosaur a bit like a rhino. Know we know that it ate like a pig, was as strong as an elephant and most of all fought like a bison. So maybe we should look back at the ancient mistakes made by paleontologists and think “Were they trying to tell us something?”

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