Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Stuttgart

This year I went to Heidelberg and Stuttgart on holiday. Whilst in Stuttgart I visited the State museum for natural history. The museum is split into two parts, the Schloss Rosenstein is for stuffed animals and the Museum am Lowentor is only for German prehistoric animals (so no t-rex, triceratops, velociraptor or any of those really common dinosaurs.) This is about the great central display showing a diorama of late Triassic life.

The most famous of the dinos is plateosaurus, the most famous triassic animal (joint with coelophysis.) But far from its fairy tail land of America ,of where it did not live, plateosaurus is a German citizen. But it wasn’t the only herbivore on the block. A even larger dino called gresslyosaurus also lived there. Much controversy surrounds this 9 metre beast as many say that it is just a large plateosaurus. The museum doesn’t so I dont know who to believe.

You may ask what ate these beasts if there were no coelophysis or postasuchus. Well, coelophysis’s relative liliensternus. This beast probably hunted in packs to bring down the huge prosauropods. As well as him there was also procompsognathus who hunted insects and squabbled over the remains of liliensternus kills.

But most importantly there are the pterosaurs. The first pterosaur was eudimorphodon. This tiny German pterosaur was the ancestor to pteranodon, pterodactylus (German but also French so was not mentioned in the museum) and all the other pterosaurs.



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