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New single clawed dinosaur discovered

A 60cm tall, insect eating dinosaur has been discovered called Linhenykus monodactylus. It had a claw on each hand which would be very useful for digging into wood and termite mounds. It was related to similar dinos like Mononykus and Shuvuuia. … Continue reading

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Yet more prehistoric colour, this time a bird

Oh, Joy! I have been looking out for a new animal that we know the colour of. This one is a bird called Confuciusornis. Coincidentally it lived in the Jurassic-Cretaceous boundary that Sinosauropteryx lived in. It was 0.7 metres long and weighed … Continue reading

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Dinosaur scale

dinosaur scale If you click on this link you will find out how to make scale dinosaurs for lego men (4cm) or other such things. The dinosaurs used are either from North america or Britain. Using my formula you can … Continue reading

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2 new ceratopsians found, one of which is weirder than Einiosaurus

   Some new ceratopsians have been found in utah. Big deal you may say. But they seam to have lived on a long island (see picture) which no longer exists. It was called laramidia which was separated from the rest … Continue reading

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