Edaphosaurus was one of the first herbivorous reptiles.  Do not confuse this creature with dimetrodon, because he was a carnivore, whereas this guy eats plants.  Also, dimetrodon had a more symetrical spine. In this picture there is also seymouria, a land anphibian. He’s the orange, yellow and white bloke with no spine.

In the BBC’s “Walking with Monsters” it depicts dimetrodon killing one of these beasts. A close observer would have noticed it killed a youngster, probably because an adult was as large and as strong as a dimetrodon.

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  1. Andrew Berry says:

    Hello James your website was ok but you need to put some games on

  2. Sue says:

    It’s a fun site!

  3. Anden21 says:

    Edaphosaurus was in a family group that’s called: ‘Mammal-like Reptiles’, therefore they are more related to Mammals, and not Dinosaurs…

    • james says:

      You’re right. Edaphosaurus lived (and became extinct) many millions of years before the first eoraptor hatched out of its egg.

      For some reason most people don’t get this.

  4. Enrico.Bernal says:

    To what such an early creature is more related or not seems nonsense in this case! Okay, many abilities of mammals where already to be seen during the perm, like warm blood (ice Age!) and huge canin theeth (those of the dinosaurs are always of one typ within the whole mouth). But all these early and probably warmblooded reptiles dissappeared during the trias period again, – while the more agil early dinosaurs took over from then on!

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