More prehistoric colour

This time the colourful animal in question is not a dinosaur but a penguin. When it was discovered we had the technology to find colour, straight away the tests were done. Suprisingly the penguin, instead of being black and white was grey and red! This shows that penguins used to have red bellies but over time they evolved white bellies. On the other hand the change in the back is not as surprising as grey is just light black.

The beast is known as the water king penguin or Inkayacu paracasensis and lived about thirty-six million years ago. Not only was it strangely coloured it was also giant, about 1.5 metres tall.

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  1. m3k2k1 says:

    How do you determine what colours dinosaurs were?

    • james says:

      The people who found this out identified fossilized melanosomes and discovered pigment for colour. This reaserch works for fur and fuzz aswell as feathers and, if reaserch improves, well preserved scales.

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