Styracosaurus gone bad


styracosaurus-gone-badTo the left is a very confusing picture of  a styracosaurus EATING AN ALBERTOSAURUS! This amazing picture by Mark Witton is not as crazy as it seems. He says that like hippos, camels and pigs, the ceratopsians may have included some carrion in there diet. This makes sense as the jaws and teeth were made for chopping things like hard twigs. I think they might have also eaten roots, digging them up with there horns like rhinos.

This also adds an ending to my t-rex vs triceratops story. This is the story: T-rex atacks triceratops because it is starving. Triceratops fights back and kills t-rex. Triceratops eats t-rex.

The End.

P.S. Nature always suprises you doesn’t it.

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3 Responses to Styracosaurus gone bad

  1. Bob junior says:

    That is amazing! Would any other “herbivore” eat meat.

  2. Robin says:

    I’ve recently heard of this (2013) on a facebook article regarding Triceratops balancing it’s diet with carrion, however I would prefere more evidence before believing this. For example, we consider our theory refurring to the Ceritopisdae due to the powerful beak and the grinding teeth like hippos able to bite through bone which may also suggest harder material such as bone matter found in the fossilized bellys of these creatures. We have already seen evidence of cannibalisem with species such as Coelphysis having bone matter of their young in their stomachs, churned up after devouring. I’m sure hard evidence like this can be found to prove the carniverous behavior of the Ceritopsidae family.

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